The summer of 2011 was very productive for me. One of my trips took me to Victoria BC. 
Bre, a fantastic woman I met at the Pan Canadian Feminist Gathering invited me to make a banner with her and local activist groups. 
While there I stayed with Renay, one of the most interesting and awesome feminists I’ve ever met.  Her home was a space of pure beauty. 

When ever I think of a place of refuge, somewhere to rejuvenate my spirit. I think of her and my time spent in Victoria.
The spring and early summer had been packed with the gathering (I was part of the main group hosting), writing and directing my film Dreamcatcher and creating a 20 foot banner for the first time at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. It was all satisfying work but emotionally exhausting. I found it reassuring to be called an artist and have my work appreciated.
Part of my experience at the folk festival and the gathering left me feeling like what I was doing wasn’t making any sort of difference. That I was putting myself out there in potential danger for little to no pay off. Before I visited B.C. I wondered if what I was creating and the intent of my work was getting through to people. That’s something I still wonder time to time. It is part of the reason I’ve been reluctant and nervous to continue with this blog and post regularly.
But the people I met in Victoria helped me realize that what I do is valid. That I create a unique dialogue and experience on the topic of violence against women.  I just have to remind myself that every once in awhile.