October 4, 2010
This was an incredibly moving event I attended. Sisters in Spirit Vigils are held on October 4th by communities across Canada. The vigils themselves are a movement for social change. Every year the number of vigils held increase. I hope this continues to be so. I hope support, awareness and watchfulness begins to grow and that Aboriginal women and girls are seen as equal and important members of society.
During the vigil IMG_3299 everyone was given small L.E.D. tea lights. I brought along the Men’s Banner but felt that in such an intimate setting I didn’t want to have it held up blocking anyone’s view. I laid it out on the ground a few feet away from the crowd. When it became dark I put my little light on the banner to stop people from stepping on it.   Soon people began to place their own lights on the banner and the bright hand prints were illuminated in the darkness. I thought it was very nice.  A little boy approached the banner, he placed his own light down and bowed his head respectfully. A minute later he looked up and walked on top of the IMG_3303 banner to joIMG_3306in his friends.
Me and my one of my banners