The month of September is almost gone and I find myself pressed for time. There are many things I thought I would have had done by now. Finding time for projects that mean the most to me is always a challenge as a university student.

The first of my goals is to start a University of Manitoba Sisters in Spirit student group. Thus bringing awareness of missing and murdered Aboriginal Women to the campus as well as attending and supporting events and activities that happen across the province.

My second goal is to have a Men’s Banner at the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and Brandon University. I want to focus on my own province and then branch out across Canada. The first two I hope to start in the same month and that they can both be running by mid-October. The third Men’s Banner will prove to be more complicated. I need a contact at Brandon University, time to go and present my project to an appropriate student group there.

I have had an interesting journey making the first Men’s Banner shown in a previous post. It is an example banner. One I bring with me everywhere when I talk to groups or march in rallies. My next couple of posts will be of my experience last year making the first banner.