Every Child Matters Labyrinth

In solidarity with the Indigenous communities across Turtle Island (aka North America) in response to the discovery of unmarked graves of 215 Indigenous Children at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, Canada. We recognize Indian Residential Schools, Day Schools, and the Sixties Scoop as a genocidal practice. It is traumatizing learning about the unmarked graves on the sites of former residential schools. We as a community have created this space to remember all the children who were denied more than the respect of a proper burial, but they were denied of love, of family, of justice, and of basic human dignity. Orange is the color the Indigenous community decided would be the color of remembrance for these events. Massive numbers of people in Canada are wearing orange t-shirts to commemorate the lost children and show their sorrow. Orange ribbons have been tied on fences and trees around churches and public buildings. All over Canada where these Residential Schools were and where the elders have told us graves can be found, unmarked graves have been found in great numbers. Verified numbers have passed a thousand and authorities are sure the number will be in the thousands when they are finished their work. The mishandling of these gravesites is a crime in Canada and the sorrow is widespread and very real. We have chosen to educate and show our solidarity by placing these little rocks. It is a symbolic gesture to give these children a marker. We are inviting the community to recognize the dignity of a child by painting a rock to mark their life. This project will be shared on social media so that the Indigenous people of Canada know that this community knows about and cares about their situation.

All My Relations

Anna-Celestrya Carr


July 13, 2021 – August 4, 2021 First Parish Church of Stow & Acton, Unitarian Universalist

August 28, 2021 – August 29, 2021 All My Relations: Community Art Show, Stow Town Center Park

October 9, 2021 Cultural Threads: Celebrating Indigenous Art, Connections & Community,

Maynard Memorial Park