On March 16, I gave a small presentation at the lovely Randall Library in Stow, MA.  Chris the librarian invited me to talk about the Men’s Banner Project with the Stow Teen Advisory Board nicknamed STAB.  They were the most enthusiastic high schoolers I’ve met in a long time. One girl at the end of my talk said “I know I just met you but I’m a big fan of all your work!” I thought that was cute. They were talkative and asked a lot of questions. Some of the usual: How long will I be doing this? How many banners have I made? Where did I get the idea?

We discussed 20160309_115800cultural appropriation and sports mascots depicting Native American symbols and people.  I was impressed with how thoughtful these kids were.

I realize, as I begin traveling in the U.S. I need to adjust parts of my presentation for my audience.  The students didn’t recognize some of the celebrities that have placed their hand print on a Men’s Banner.

I’m getting old 🙂