I received lots of support following my last post about the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  Writing about my experience was difficult and had me reliving my emotional trauma. But, it opened dialogue for me with friends and acquaintances that have had similar experiences but no place to address them.  
Right now I want to acknowledge and share the rest of my experience at folk fest because it was amazing, funny and challenging. 
Wednesday July 6, 2011 
Taking part in the campground art and animation had been my most ambitious work/installation for the Men’s Banner Project.  I arrived Tuesday night to set up my campsite and my work area in the campground to be ready for the first day of the festival.  But through an unfortunate miscommunication, campground security dismantled my project during the night.
I spent Wednesday locating my supplies and reworking my project with the materials I had left.  At the time I thought it was funny. I was nervous that something would go wrong due to being unprepared.  But it wasn’t me.  Over eager campers sneaking into the park early created the mix up. The festival was really apologetic and helpful.  It forced me to adapt to the environment and the situation. Experience I’m now glad I have.