This was when I officially started the banner. I had asked several students from different organizations on campus to be the first to have their hands on the banner.

IMG_4226 IMG_4233From left to right
Sid Rashid (UMSU Vice President)
Thane Carr (My older brother and UMASA member)
Brock Campbell (UMASA Co-President)
Clayton Thomas (UMASA Co-Event’s Coordinator)
Jonny Sopotiuk (UMSU President)

Later on in the day Mitch Tripple (UMSU Vice President) placed his hand on the banner.
I was very optimistic about this project. I thought the banner would be covered quickly and that I would need another one before the Christmas break.
To me asking men to promise not to commit an act of violence seemed a simple request. That anyone would want to lend a hand.